Why the Cyber Blockchain Could Help Protect the National Anthem

Trump’s desire to create a border wall to help secure the U.S. from Mexican drug cartels could have broad ramifications for other industries, such as a digital currency.

House Speaker Paul Ryan praised President Trump’s pledge to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, saying it will help secure America from Mexican drug cartels.

But experts say the border wall could have broader implications on many industries, and new technology could alleviate some of the problems it would create.

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One of those companies is Blockchain. Its software lets governments around the world track what’s going on in every computer on the planet.

“We are creating a better internet for computers and for all of us,” founder Nick Dashevsky told Neil Cavuto.

While the company’s founder keeps a very low profile, the company has big-name investors like New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks.

The company uses blockchain technology, which is a way to coordinate the generation of an entire cryptocurrency in minutes.

If it helps provide a better way to track things on the internet, it could be used for everything from financial fraud and drug dealing to flood mapping.

“A blockchain can be a very powerful thing,” Dashevsky said. “We can use the blockchain to take a lot of the things that are going on in this world, and combine them into a single entity.”

Video: Patrick O’Flynn – CEO of The C4 Group

Patrick O’Flynn, CEO of The C4 Group, is also looking to make blockchain more widespread.

“It is the opportunity to change politics today,” he said. “The right have really failed so far. They are still playing politics at the extreme extremes.”

O’Flynn’s own political leanings aren’t seen on the political spectrum either.

He said he’s tired of see “political bullies” use “horse trading” to keep policies such as free trade and open borders.

“We have to offer a fresh new liberal vision, and I’m going to fight for it,” he said.

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