Why Canada’s flu vaccine clock is so useful

Written by by Sesma Sloyan and Dani Rubinstein, CNN Toronto, Canada Written by Sesma Sloyan and Dani Rubinstein, CNN Toronto, Canada

The Canada Public Health Agency says the threat of a bad influenza season has been pushed back as a result of successful flu vaccinations

A “flu shot clock” — complete with laser and music — has just been launched to help speed up the process of vaccination

The four cartoon illustrations depict heroes and the parents responsible for getting them vaccinated.

Wear it and you will be immortalized. Canada’s healthcare ministry has teamed up with health awareness groups in the country to roll out a graphic design campaign to promote immunization

The anti-viral nasal spray shot, which eliminates the need for full shots in children under two years old, is considered to be the best option to protect against flu. Those who wish to get the shot must convince their doctors they are at risk.

“The use of the [nasal spray] vaccine is an option that is on the agenda of many health groups who have looked at the early data showing great results for elderly patients,” said Vicki Davis, director of immunization of the CFHA, told CNN.

Vicki Davis, director of immunization of the CFHA, joins CNN’s Tracee Wilkins to talk about the flu shot. Credit: CDC

At least 246 people have died of influenza since August 1, the most recent figures from the Public Health Agency of Canada show. Four of the victims were over the age of 65.

“Right now, there’s another flu season that’s likely going to start in the next few weeks, so we have to take proactive measures,” said Davis.

Earlier this week, hospitalizations from the flu rose in all four provinces and territories. The CFHA said thousands of doses of the nasal spray were made available in response to the public health notice.

“The most difficult for the next two months to get a flu shot in Ontario and Quebec is children under two years of age,” Davis said.

Influenza doesn’t require direct contact with germs to spread and is most contagious from person to person. It is typically one of the top three causes of illness in Canada.

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