Who is Anthony Noto? All you need to know about the mysterious ‘evaporated from account’ Twitter is removing

The company confirmed in a statement to CNN Tech that the move comes at an “unprecedented time of change for the company,” adding that his contributions to Twitter have “helped position the company for its next chapter.”

But his departure — or the speculation surrounding it — prompted some users to label him an “angry child” and a “fake founder” while others shared their support.

“Well Twitter finally responded to users by removing a co-founder who never contributed a single line of code or app to Twitter’s service,” a user named @bertramjones said. “Anthony Noto ruined his own company and ruined Twitter.”

Others found it a bit hard to focus on Noto, in light of all the drama in Twitter’s world lately.

“I was going to miss Noto’s posts this week more than anything else in 2019,” a user named Sam wrote. “Let it be. They’re about as current as I would expect after three months of Biz and/or Noah’s tweeting.”

—Olivia Kaplan

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