WATCH: ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ Host Explains His Run for Office, Says He Won’t Be ‘Quitting Show’

Fox News has confirmed Dr. Mehmet Oz’s recent plan to run for office. Fox News correspondent Jon Decker caught up with the popular television host, whose show “The Dr. Oz Show” is in its 12th season.

In Philadelphia, he talked about his health initiatives, like his “small stone challenge” and his relationship with billionaire investor Carl Icahn. Dr. Oz said: “My potential run for office is completely unrelated to his.”

Dr. Oz said he may try for Congress in the future, and didn’t rule out a 2016 presidential run, but was hopeful about public service in the future. Dr. Oz said: “As of right now, I want to make a real difference in the Congress as a physician, and a leader in public service. It would be hard for me to say no to that.”

Dr. Oz wants to tackle health reform, and not just with bipartisan cooperation. He said: “I will not be somebody that’s going to work with anybody who’s not going to work as hard as I do. I’m running for office because I feel like if we can get these crazy things fixed like health care, we can find answers to the challenges of our time.”

Watch Jon Decker’s full report above.

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