UPDATE: Duggar attorney claims police testimony barred from court trial

Josh Duggar’s attorney argues during closing arguments in Tontitown, Arkansas, Wednesday that the city’s attempts to have Josh Duggar testify in a court of law is futile because witnesses were “not admitted” into the trial.

The city authorities in May 2017 charged Josh with having an improper relationship with a minor, violating child pornography law, destroying evidence and molesting a girl when he was a teenager.

The 22-year-old “19 Kids and Counting” star’s attorney, Casey Young, contended in the closing arguments that the court “was correct to prevent the city from having witnesses that would be tried by juries.” He argued the testimony “was never admitted” into the trial.

He claimed the obstruction charges against Josh were “discourteous” and “grossly inappropriate” for the city.

The accused’s lawyer claimed prosecutors have shown “no evidence of any wrongdoing” by the former “19 Kids and Counting” star. He also claims the charges have no merit and was exonerated.

Jolene Blalock, the prosecuting attorney for Tontitown, said Josh’s defense team is “squirming.”

“You all would be sitting on pins and needles if this defendant was on trial,” Blalock said.

KSBY-TV reports Jolene Blalock, the prosecuting attorney for Tontitown, Ark., argued that she is not putting Josh under oath but only “giving him the opportunity to state his side of the story.”

“What they have actually provided is an outline of his story and have offered you the opportunity to tell your jury this,” Blalock said.

Blalock said the charges against Josh are “based on the statement of somebody else who has been under oath in other proceedings.”

Josie Williams, the Duggar family’s chief administrative officer, wrote a letter to Tontitown’s attorney that filed objections to “any and all” cross-examination questions that have been posed to Josh Duggar.

Williams wrote, “I believe that the questions as presented are completely irrelevant and would help no one.”

“There will be no mention of molestation unless asked about it during the questioning. No reference to why police conducted the search warrant. No mention of paid services. No references to how the accusations were reported,” she wrote.

Williams even accused Blalock of trying to force Josh into an “admission of guilt,” which would not be permitted, according to Arkansas law.

“‘Clergy privilege’ should not interfere with a proper, due process process defense to a city ordinance violation. The current questions could not be adequately answered with any degree of accuracy and certainly not to the justices of the peace on the bench.”

Blalock said, “I am and would be inclined to try him any way we could.”

On Tuesday, Joshua Duggar was back in the spotlight after it was revealed that his sister, Jessa, recently gave birth to her third child.

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