Two men shot dead in Toronto; livestream video taken

Written by CNN Staff

The police are now charged with aggravated assault.

Witnesses said the shooting was live streamed

The unidentified victim, who had a military background, was working at an events center and had left his weapon at home.

The shooting, which followed a domestic violence call, left one man dead and a second man in critical condition.

Six men were rushed to hospital in Toronto. A spokesperson for the Emergency Medical Services confirmed that three victims remained in critical condition on Monday evening, but no updated information was immediately available.

The first suspect, 22-year-old Micah Johnston, appeared in court Monday morning. He was remanded in custody until his next appearance, on August 14. Police expect more charges to be laid following a police investigation.

Johnston allegedly livestreamed the shooting on Facebook on Sunday night.

The shooting took place in downtown Toronto around 8:30 p.m.

Video posted on social media showed a man seated in a chair in front of a crowd of people in a grassy area near the intersection of Dundas Street West and Yonge Street. He then walked up to two men sitting in a vehicle and opened fire, shooting all three people in the vehicle.

The video, obtained by CNN affiliate CP24, went live on Facebook about a minute and a half later, showing an armed police officer asking someone where the suspect was, which was confirmed by authorities to be Johnston.

With the suspect down on the ground, the police officer approached the car and shot at the back of the suspect’s head, breaking the glass passenger window of the vehicle. He then handcuffed the suspect and began administering first aid to the man who had been shot, who was then rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

The man who had been sitting in the grass, shot in the head, appeared to move some during the footage, then slipped back into his seat in a pool of blood.

The gun believed to have been used in the shooting has been recovered.

CNN partner CBC News is not publishing the names of the victims or the suspect at this time, as Toronto police do not release names or details about victims of police shootings.

Mayor John Tory expressed his condolences to the victims and their families.

“My heart goes out to the family of the deceased and also to the surviving victims of this despicable and senseless shooting,” he said. “I hope you will all get through this tragic incident with the strength and dignity that you have shown in the last few hours.”

TPS Acting Chief Peter Yuen said the alleged shooter had no connection to the Dundas Street West Community Association, the organization that hosted a community barbecue.

The event was terminated before the shooting incident took place.

Cody Clark, the president of the community association, told CP24 that nobody at the barbecue at 8:30 p.m. noticed anything unusual.

“We were still cleaning up from the barbecue and people were still coming in,” he said. “We came out into the street after the event to walk to our cars, we were in our cars when, we all heard gunshots.”

A cordon has been set up and eastbound traffic was blocked by police at the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street.

Crime cameras in the area captured images of the suspect fleeing the scene. He was seen on camera running southbound on Dundas Street.

The General Store in the area, located across from the shooting, was closed on Monday. Just a few hours after the shooting, customers in the store were back to their normal routine.

“We are very sad about the events,” restaurant staff told CNN partner CBC News. “Toronto is a friendly city. I hope this can be resolved and the incident can be resolved.”

The CBC said that the victim’s father, who wished to remain anonymous, blamed “irresponsible men.”

“They take advantage of the fact that this is what young women are running from. They feel like that their lives don’t matter,” he said.

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