The Mission Bicycle Bridge: Who Knows if It’s Working?

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The project was a clever idea to solve a problem.

The Mission Bicycle Bridge is a set of five bicycling systems (bollards) designed to keep bicyclists on the walkway, but not physically connecting with vehicles in the way a regular sidewalk does.

Mark Young with Max Bicycles joined The Brian Kilmeade Show to explain their success and give his view on safety and the people now using the bikeway.

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Max Bicycles is a system of 4 low wheeled, bicycle capable, balancing monorail cranes that can be quickly assembled and moved to other sites. The entire system is lightweight, fast, and, most importantly, EASY to maintain and operate. Riders are then able to safely cross the street while keeping the bicycle in front of the curb and leaning forward, as is the natural instinct for bicyclists.

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