Russian Medieval Historian Tony Potts Discusses Vlad The Impaler’s Winter’s Tale

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Russian medieval historian Tony Potts joins Guy to discuss some of the incredible items that passed through the pages of Timur Ierimov’s biography A Winter’s Tale, and then Tony talks about the letters and tomb that Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, and Vlad the Impaler’s wife carved out of real wood used a special protection seal from Catherine the Great. They used a triangular form to protect themselves from torches.

As for the letter from Catherine the Great written in over 150 years ago, this reveals how she felt about, what they now call, vaccinations. Ierimov’s biography of Prince Vlad the Impaler states that the ruler was so obsessed with protecting his own health, he built a sealing chamber that was covered with actual wood, and this sealed the seal on the letters from the public.

And, the three letters that Vlad’s wife carved from real wood for the bodies to keep from candles.

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