Ocean Scientist: “Everything We Know About Electric Cars Says That Is Renewable Energy”

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The ocean is made up of an astonishing 97 percent water, that leaves just a tiny tiny percentage of the ocean marked with oil, called the “deep ocean”. While oil, of course, is responsible for our need for energy, it hasn’t been exactly good for the environment or the planet. Highly polluting fracking technology has accelerated climate change, causing extreme weather conditions, including 2017’s devastating hurricanes.

One solution, though, is renewable energy like solar panels, which are being called the “blood diamond of batteries.”

That’s where electric car manufacturer Tesla comes in. Musk is a giant booster of wind and solar power, while Tesla’s cars run on batteries made from the ocean.

Tomi Lahren asked a senior National Oceanographic Administration oceanographer whether he believes global warming is in fact a result of human activity. His answer is damning!

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