New Virus, Revised Visitor Restrictions

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Oklahoma health officials say another Omicron virus case has been reported in southwest Oklahoma.

Dr. Melody Green, spokesman for the Oklahoma State Department of Health, says one person from Yukon is now infected with the virus and the second comes from Sand Springs.

There are now two confirmed cases of Omicron infection and as of Friday, several others are suspected to be infected. The virus can be sexually transmitted. It can be either dry or wet.

A few others have been found to have the virus in the Columbia case in Kansas.

Meanwhile, some restrictions are being placed on travel to Japan in light of a swine flu outbreak there. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says research suggests that exposure to an H7N9 strain of swine flu earlier in a person’s life increases the risk of developing serious disease when they develop that strain later in life. This strain, in particular, appears to be spreading through the Japan commissariat for foreigners, or KOFIC.

Two outbreaks occurred in February after strong outbreaks in November.

Here’s a look at some of the affected countries:

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