Melania Trump ornament provokes social media backlash

Trump Jr claimed Christine Johnson’s display, which Trump Jr called ‘ironic’, is ‘total bullshit and rude’

Donald Trump Jr has claimed that the ornament designed to resemble Melania Trump’s dress, which was mounted at the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, was “total bullshit and rude”.

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The ornament depicts Melania Trump’s dress in the shape of an American flag and features the motto: “United we stand”.

The decorations appeared at the base on Wednesday and have been grilling many social media users about whether Trump’s eldest son should now be “headed for Siberia” or “power of the US first family has been resurrected”.

Others labelled the decoration a “bald-faced PR stunt”, while a few people on Twitter labelled the decorations “nasty” and “racist”.

The decoration came a week after another piece of art depicting Melania Trump displayed by US Representative Val Demings in Florida, as Trump fired his secretary of homeland security, secretary of state, FBI director and deputy attorney general.

The ornament, made in Kentucky, was created by Christa Lear and Christine Johnson, who also designed decorations for Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“Melania’s on a tour of countries helping us become strong again,” the decoration’s text reads. “Bring USA forward.”

On Thursday night, Trump Jr tweeted a link to a video of the piece, which he said was an “ironic work of art”.

In the video, the decorations appear alongside a story with the caption: “Pot-Licking, Malaef-Fucking, Dope-Smoking, Idiot-Loving Rapist-Presidenty Melania Trump on a Bully-PAC Terrorist Deplorable s***hole tour of countries that President Trump is leaving to terrorists who he is welcoming to America.”

In the videos, Johnson is seen talking about the ornament, when she gets into a shouting match with a TV presenter.

“I’m actually really sorry that I cussed you out, I didn’t mean to,” she said. “I was so surprised. And I realised immediately that my imagination was confused about what she looks like.”

In another video, she took the microphone away from Trump Jr’s wife, Vanessa Trump, and refused to share it with her because she considered it offensive. “That was pretty f—— negative toward a former First Lady … that was pretty low,” Trump Jr said.

Christine Johnson is seen speaking to Vanessa Trump about the ornament and refuses to let her share it with Vanessa Trump, said the video, adding: “There’s too much judgment to it. That was heavy.”

A few Twitter users also commented on the parallels with a series of “artistic expressions” designed by the president’s older son.

Ben Fritz (@benfritz) What will be the first tweet to be deleted when sons start being held responsible for the things their father says?

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) Hilarious to watch the beleagured Trump family worry and fret about inconsequential trivialities like this ornament. Dude, you inherited a $3bn dollar fortune. Get some actual sh— in your life.

Christopher Orr (@chrisort) Christ’s artwork of a woman being driven out of her job because she doesn’t feel safe includes a drawing of the president overseeing a vacation on his star, speaking in a foreign language, and eating a veggie burger.

“I guess my friends saw that picture and they were like, you know what? I bet she looks like a good Disney doll. I guess my wife saw that picture and she was like, I bet she looks like a really good lapdancer.”

Cecilia Kang, a White House spokeswoman, told the Washington Post that the decorations were not part of the Trump family’s Christmas decor.

“We did not commission this piece of art or design this ornament,” she said. “It was not taken from one of our Christmas cards.”

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