Meet Jean-Michel Cousteau and Morgan Murphy, the designers creating electric planes

At a time when electric vehicles are mostly known as luxury cars, and electric air travel is barely on anyone’s radar, Jean-Michel Cousteau — grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and son of great water scientist Sylvia — hopes to change that.

Sylvia and Jacques would be proud to hear about the new company he and fellow entrepreneur Morgan Murphy, co-founder of graphic design group Millograph, are launching.

Lucid Air: A breakthrough in electric jet propulsion In 2016, MIT grad Andrew Hunsinger traveled more than 13,000 miles, with zero carbon footprint, solely on electric power –a feat that caused him to invent a new, lightweight, powerful, all-electric flight system for other planes to fly over.

Cousteau and Murphy want to create and design the first ever long-range, high-speed electric airplane. They envision a travel system in which “it takes 15 to 20 minutes to drive from San Francisco to LA and fly from New York to Chicago in 35 minutes.”

(Previously, short flight times required big planes and big airplanes cost a lot, which limited consumers.)

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