Little stuff. Of the Sub-Micro Species.

Like a small ceremony in which the small pod of organisms known as the Oxibioticus covidatus is released from its tank, so too was the Oxibioticus lupulinidus captured with precision and speed, in New York’s harbor, the New York Times reports.

The paper notes that the individual organisms were released in very small quantities, just two thousandths of an ounce each. A best practice zoologist the Times spoke with called them a workhorse of portfores.

Two thousandths of an ounce? Isn’t that hardly a drop of water?

The Times says it was the size of a tennis ball that made them so hard to discern from their environment.

The New York Diving Museum and the Multimedia Media News Matter Lab at the University of Brooklyn worked together to collaborate on the project.

Echoing Jacques Cousteau and other marine explorers in the field, the Science Channel has continued to celebrate this little speculum with hopes of setting up a hidden camera to record tiny species.

The Times says that they have shot life in other tanks and areas of New York harbor for their EarthCam series.

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