Kenya Moves To Fight Rotavirus That Kills 75,000 Children Each Year

Officials in Kenya are working to get a new vaccination directive in place.

It’s a bold move to ensure all children in the East African nation are vaccinated against polio, measles and rubella.

Dubbed the Kadimu Cordota (Nasezi) vaccine mandate, its goal is to provide immunization for all children under the age of five.

“The doctors just confirmed that all the polio cases are coming from the latitudes from where the polio vaccine is not available, so we’re going to have to vaccinate against these routes which we’re not having to do,” Kenyan Education Minister Amina Mohamed said.

But some are critical of the move.

“The Kadimu Cordota should be viewed with a long period of anxiety because it is going to impact more children who will suffer the consequences,” said Duncan Otieno, Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).

Additionally, malaria is also something authorities are focusing on while parents and advocates in Kenya have their own issues to worry about.

“Having discussed and worked out with community engagement, we have resolved that the most cost effective and judicious programme is a mass outreach campaign and that means you target the most heavily rooted, highly vulnerable areas by constructing large in-thinged health structures like hospitals, like health centers, like community health centers, family health centers which will serve them for many years,” said Dr. Joseph Kibos.

But it’s the Kadimu Cordota that is drawing praise.

“I think for us, it is important that we have even reached out to people who do not have access to immunization. That’s where the Kadimu Cordota is coming from. That is why it is called Kadimu Cordota, because it is a campaign of peace,” said Mohammed.

The Ministry of Health has projected the Kadimu Cordota will save an estimated US$ 13 million and give the country 12 months to develop systems, settings and the mass mobilization required to vaccinate every child against three common childhood diseases.

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