Julia Roberts and Danny Moder celebrate twins’ 17th birthday together

You won’t see this on the credits, but Julia Roberts and Danny Moder celebrated the 17th birthday of their twins Hazel and Phinnaeus together in a pretty special way.

The Oscar-winning actress on Friday shared a photo of the twins on Instagram writing, “Happy birthday to my love who with me for the most important birthday of my life, you were already my heart, my face, my light, and the reason I look at life with a heightened view. Thanks for being the best dad in the world, and every day, it will be so much fun to watch how YOU handle what life throws your way and live right!”

The twins were born on June 18, 2001, and Roberts’ original introduction to them was with adorably muted nursery drawings. Roberts says she “did not want to remind” Moder of the days, but “enjoyed the sweet reminder of you being her superhero from when she was a baby.”

Recently, Roberts opened up about her love and affection for her adopted black niece, Ava, who will celebrate her 12th birthday this month.

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