Is your local councillor bad for your health?

Georgia Carlson, a local councillor in an Ontario community, has argued that she, the city and its residents were in danger if the federal government exempted children on religious grounds from the current vaccine schedule.

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At a public meeting in Brandon, Ontario, on Wednesday, council discussed the decision made by Health Canada to abandon what is considered one of the safest childhood vaccines known to humans — the COVID-19 vaccine which is given for oral meningitis.

The council decided to discuss bringing the issue to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for formal investigation.

Police Commissioner Vince Hawkes wrote a letter to council explaining that Brandon police do not investigate political comments, but requested that they contact the neighbouring OPP detachment for their perspective.

Just a few hours after council decided to send the matter to the OPP for official investigation, Mayor Craig Whittingham was forced to clarify the situation on Facebook.

He explained that council members were not permitted to discuss the issue at the public meeting and that they had only discussed it among themselves.

However, some Facebook users commented that this council was given a “trophy to mourner”, and demanding action should they come to an agreement to send the matter to the OPP.

Mr Whittingham was criticised for their suspicious comments towards Carlson and were encouraged to resign.

“I think it’s highly inappropriate for this public meeting to be about ‘if you have questions for the Health Minister, the Health Minister can come down to Brandon’ and she can perform as a duty councillor,” Mr Whittingham said on Friday.

“This is a local matter that has been referred back to the OPP but in a manner that we think is appropriate to deal with it so that’s the role of the OPP, and obviously the powers that be feel they have to take it further,” he said.

The mayor then clarified some of his comments by saying, “Those were me saying that we can’t ever go back on our commitment to immunize our community. I was not saying that the OPP should come to Brandon and shut down the meeting or that anyone should be threatened with arrest.

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