Halifax city mayor says staff returning on time was unnecessary: Now, union issues statement

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (NEWS10) – What once looked like it was going to be the greatest of meetings for City of Halifax employees at City Hall has ended with an unusual vote.

Mayor Mike Savage has now told the city council that January 1st was going to be the deadline for most Halifax City workers to return to the office as a result of the Prescription Access Benefit (PAB) coverage issue.

“Let us all serve our co-workers and our community together, in a spirit of goodwill and collaboration, with our collective commitment to solutions at an expedited pace,” Mayor Savage said.

Employees returned to work a week late.

“Savage acknowledges that last week’s announcement that city workers would be forced to return to work a week after Christmas, when the scheduled EHR (employee health benefits) renewal time was Nov. 1st, was completely unnecessary,” Halifax Mayor Mike Savage tweeted Monday.

#Halifax Mayor @MikeSavageHFX made the following announcement. Allow me to share it with you and explain. pic.twitter.com/64qCdoabnk — Robert Stubbs (@RobertStubbsHD) March 12, 2018

It was unclear what Savage’s decision could mean for the city, which is still having to pay for a “gradual” drop in COVID-19 approved by the Ontario College of Pharmacists due to a situation involving at least three Halifax physicians.

The College denied a re-certification of Dr. Barry Conway after a claim of prescription tampering.

Additionally, two of the doctors who wrote prescriptions for the Co-Active Cranium at the center of that controversy are now saying their patients could be asking questions about the company named in lawsuits by people who say they were exposed to the exotic steroid.

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Tuesday night, the City of Halifax released a letter to the community asking residents to help with the debate over COVID-19. The full document is available online.

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