Gordon Ramsay’s inside views on Glasgow thugs

For once, the police and media had their dossier on the gangs and gangs of teenage black and Asian boys.

But it was for one thing only: to protect the pockets of the establishment. The roots of this hatred go back years.

So the police didn’t want too much trouble, not when they were clearing people out of the east end of Glasgow to build up a new shopping centre and pave the way for the casino

There would also be a ‘crime prevention camp’ for people like Blackburn Motorcycle Club.

And council offices in Glasgow are, like every council office anywhere, constantly ranked for their faults by people like the Club Secretary – because to all intents and purposes the office is a burglar’s nest.

But the biggest benefit to the club – or at least to the official outfit – is a right for members to sell their leathers and fancy clothes in street markets

And of course they don’t get caught or hauled before the courts.

Talks of how tough the police are with the gangs have sometimes gone back to the old days. But it’s more than just stuff, this time it’s money. It’s a new way of making money for all the foundations of democracy and, if the young with gangs like the Brays or the Curry Boys get it, they are doing the rest of the population a favour.

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