Germany’s still open even in winter, Peru’s still fighting for democracy

Though winter does seem to be pushing into earnest after days of chilly temperatures in early January, there are still plenty of destinations from the Mediterranean to Asia which remain open. Among those are Germany’s open-air tradition in the Rhine town of Karlsruhe, and Peru’s right at the foot of Andean mountains.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu de Avánero, now 74, has been protesting in Peru’s capital city Lima for decades now, and has gone through much adversity to do so, being the subject of police violence, assassination threats and beatings, jailings and multiple brushes with the law. She says that she no longer recognizes Peru as a democracy, and set up an “indigenous” camp in the middle of Lima’s affluent neighborhoods to protest that the middle classes are not really leading a democratic, alternative way of life. But as of now, she still insists that her campaign against the government of Prime Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski remains peaceful, and continues to march.

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