Fox News pundit compares US health official to Nazi doctor

Glenn Beck says Bill Fauci is no doctor, but he has ‘no doubt [federal funding] is being used’ to develop ‘unwarranted and unnecessary’ medicine

A Fox News commentator, who has previously attracted criticism for comparing George Soros to Joseph Goebbels, has stirred up fresh anger for comparing an official at the National Institutes of Health to a Holocaust doctor who used human organs to save Jews.

Glenn Beck has been involved in controversies over his statements and comments on racial and religion issues.

He discussed Monday’s election of geneticist Bill Fauci as the new head of the NIAID with host Sean Hannity.

Beck also claimed that Fauci had “no medical training”, though the NIH has reported that he has a PhD in molecular biology. Beck dismissed Fauci’s hiring as a political move.

“The death camp doctor played baseball like you and I play football,” he said. “Every time he thought that his clinical trials with his people in Mexico were not working out, he ordered thousands of individuals put on the waiting list.”

Fauci, who previously headed the division of infectious diseases at the NIAID, has been credited with developing a universal vaccine to protect US soldiers against tuberculosis.

In response to Beck’s comments, the geneticist tweeted: “The Holocaust was horrific. But no one died for not having aspirin. Killing for health care? Unacceptable. Hope it’s never repeated.”

Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a division of the NIAID that is seeking to cure viruses, bacteria and parasites that cause diseases, including cholera, HIV, hepatitis C and malaria. The funding is known as an appropriation by Congress, which explicitly aims to fund research on a wide range of diseases.

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