Forget Trump, it’s NAFTA, trade and tech in The Economist

Hello everyone. It’s tea time here at The Daily, and howdy, we’ve got an important big day tomorrow! Of course, there is of course a lot going on, particularly regarding the NAFTA negotiations, which has us pretty whipped into a frenzy as of late. For those of you looking to keep things calm amidst the onslaught of news, our good friends at the Economic Policy Institute have put together some charts and maps to help you get to know the question at the heart of all this, and to try to make sense of the death-ly jargon that so often sours all political discussions.

As for today, there’s the economy, for which we have a couple of important reads to help make sense of things. See the roundup at this page for the latest and best jobs data. To see the rest of today’s news, and more of your favorite brand of economics, follow us: Follow @TheEconomist.

Here are today’s stories:

By the numbers

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Make your life easier

With a new smart phone app, Bracken Darrell hopes to help the unemployed find work. (The Wall Street Journal)

With a new smart phone app, Bracken Darrell hopes to help the unemployed find work. (The Wall Street Journal) How much do drivers care about self-driving cars?

Letting a self-driving car negotiate the streets around them shows us just how safe the technology can be. (The New York Times)

Changing gears

Almost nothing is guaranteed about the success of Tesla. But here are a few points to keep in mind for the billionaire’s other big bet: AI. (Aujwala Nayyar/Reuters)

Probably a self-driving car

The Obama administration was adamant that self-driving cars be regulated like consumer cars, but that did not end up being a problem for Google. (The New York Times)

The future of Saudi oil is unclear, but the U.S. will have a big say. And what about the other big-oil-producing country in the world? Saudi Arabia’s King Salman announced that he intends to restructure the country’s international energy institutions, paving the way for the merger of Aramco with Aramco Ventures, according to the Saudi Business daily (The Guardian).

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—Jia Tolentino, Economic Policy Institute

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