Fishermen hold off rescue boat for more than an hour to save drowning migrants

A group of fishermen blocked a lifeboat crew from rescuing four migrants who fell into the English Channel near Hastings, South East England, on Monday. The boat crew could not save the migrants, even though they had a rescue signal from the distress signal they sent out to the Coastguard.

According to The Guardian, the crew of the rescue vessel went down to the sea off Hastings, located on the southern coast of England, to find the migrants in distress. When they arrived at the scene, a group of about 40 people, including a number of teenagers, were waiting for them on shore. Instead of rescuing the migrants, the lifeboat crew helped them as the small fishing boat began to sink.

The standoff lasted between four and five hours before the fishermen managed to convince the coastguard to call off their mission, at which point the migrants were taken to the port in Skegness, in the county of Lincolnshire.

Since last November, the number of migrants seeking to cross into the UK has increased, and the number of lost lives has also risen — although not all of the migrants who make the attempt make it to shore alive. According to the report of the 2016-2017 Transatlantic Trust Migration Monitor, one of the main reasons that people continue to make the journey is because of the falling value of their currency.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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