Cold blast: City plows ready to roll in the D.C. region

We are below freezing. Your inbox will get a burst of sun and could blow off the roof. But outside, the sub-freezing temperatures are making some roads unusable.

CHANCES OF HAZARDOUS WEATHER: All hazards, regardless of the season. Cold wind chill; blowing and drifting snow. Call before you travel.

SNOW AND ICE ROADS: On the roads, check for slick conditions in the evening and winter’s worst yet to come.

RATS BATTLE UNDER NEW MEANS: Some warm-blooded American animals won’t tolerate the cold: great horned owls, great white snakes, squirrels. Rats.

MORE: If you have pets and need to protect them from the cold, read the following tips from the ASPCA:

I’VE BEEN MAKING RASHAN ASIA: How to buy and decorate under the Korean influence.

KNOTTY FOOD SOURS: Large menu items sometimes appear in heavy sauces, which often overwhelm.

POTROVINO ACID FOODS: Know what’s safe and what isn’t and why.

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