Chapman University’s Director Cole Harris on “The Beautiful Game”

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A sweet tale of success and the battle against “high-fat bias.”

FOX’s Stacey Plaisance has “FOX on Love”:

A love story with a deep layer of passion and passion for ice cream, the musical “The Beautiful Game” has now picked up a Tony Award nomination in the Best Musical category, breaking new ground and playing a central role in high school students Megan and Laura’s successful battle to open their own shop after their past failed roller rink venture.

That intense journey has turned out to be a perfect fit for Chapman University’s renowned School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Arts, whose director Cole Harris was clearly impressed with the final product:

(Harris) “It brings together two things that we are very fortunate to have on our campus. And those two things are one student-directed, student-artists group and, two, the Mission Statement of Chapman University which deals with youth service and social impact in our core purpose of Chapman University. I think you have a perfect combination of the two.”

The long-term commitment from so many teams and the outstanding talent was a true team effort that was reflected on stage and in our on-stage performance numbers.

Not only was the beautiful score of “The Beautiful Game” written by original cast member Rob Ashford and gifted, three-time Tony nominee David Rockwell, but David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” served as the musical’s heavy-hitters to the end and both of these true blue treasures in the music began as raw, free studio soundtracks.

Nearly 40 years after the television and movie icon himself passed away, “Let’s Dance” is a profoundly iconic, genuine show tune and an inspiration to those who were fortunate enough to grow up listening to Bowie’s music and to all of us who, hopefully one day, will be able to see it, too.

So take a musical vacation to “The Beautiful Game” and enjoy this show. A special shout out to Rob Ashford, David Rockwell and David Bowie:

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