Break the Floor’s Travis Wall dropped from tour over rape claims

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Travis Wall will be absent from Break the Floor in Cardiff and Leeds next month

Break the Floor, a touring dance company founded by Travis Wall, has been taken off tour after an investigation into claims he had raped a woman in a Georgia hotel room in 2013.

The company says it is still investigating and no further comment will be made at this time.

USA Today had reported the woman as saying: “I looked across and saw that he had just f***ed my vagina with his penis and I turned around and screamed, and I just fled out of the room.”

No further comment will be made at this time Break the Floor management

Break the Floor has been performing its Break the Floor performances around the USA for more than a decade.

The New York Times also reported that in the 1990s, Mr Wall and two other men were accused of sexually harassing dancers and threatening to shut down companies that refused to co-operate.

It said the company had dropped the stories from its website.

Men ‘were told to quit’

In a statement released on Friday, the company said: “Unfortunately, more than a decade ago a number of allegations were made against Travis as well as members of the Break the Floor Dance Company.

“At that time, the company took appropriate actions to address the situation and has never forgotten what occurred.

“Both in light of the allegations made in the first place and after these allegations have resurfaced, Break the Floor, along with Travis, have decided to not move forward with the remaining dates on the tour.”

Mr Wall has denied any wrongdoing.

In an interview with USA Today, he said the company had been warned by then president Bruce Bozzi to quit keeping the alleged incidents from the public, which he said happened before they began to perform publicly.

“I knew I couldn’t do this, that people were going to stop supporting me,” he said.

“And I refused to bow to any other wishes or pressures. And when I refused to bow to them and I refused to change, that’s when I knew I’d run into something I couldn’t overcome.”

His partner Christian Berg added: “It was painful for me because I thought we could overcome the issues we had dealt with on stage.”

They told USA Today that they had talked about pulling the shows out of contractual obligations with the venues.

“But [we] realised we couldn’t do that,” they said.

“It was painful for me because I thought we could overcome the issues we had dealt with on stage. But when you see it in the paper the next day, it’s almost like, ‘No we can’t.'”

Mr Wall took over the show when the original founder left and also became a figurehead for the worldwide organisation Dancemakers, which was formed to encourage new dancers.

He broke away from the organisation to create Break the Floor.

Image copyright Break the Floor Image caption Travis Wall has been a fixture on the Break the Floor stage

He formed Break the Floor after a ten-week legal battle in 1997 over who owned a piece of a take-off on the hit Ginuwine song Pony.

Bogdan Botezatu, part of the original Break the Floor cast that year, said he was forced to quit the company after Mr Wall rejected his suggestion that the men were “in the wrong”.

He alleged they was paid less than dancers at other companies and could not “pay bills”.

Mr Wall reportedly told him: “Look, we’re broke. You have to find yourself a job.

“I just want to get out of this and not work with anyone again.”

In 2012, USA Today reported that members of the company had helped dance artists from around the world organise representation in the dance world.

Mr Wall is one of the younger members of the so-called “tragic twosome” – a pair of performers who became internationally famous due to the success of their two breakdance videos for 1998 hit Gonna Love Me.

Billboard reported that they were on track to collect £60m in earnings as part of Break the Floor.

Show Fullscreen Break the Floor Announcement Promotional image Image caption Break the Floor announced on social media that this was the last scheduled show of the group’s tour

Correction: This article has been amended to clarify that, as reported by the New York Times, it reported that Mr Wall and two other men had been accused of sexually harassing dancers, which Mr Wall and Break the Floor refute.

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