Baseball preview: the season that just will not die

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Enterprising land agent Bill Schmidt has quietly been spending lots of time this season in the Colorado Rockies organization, seemingly making lots of progress. But it will be a tall order to make Greg Schreiber a successful landgrabmer. However, I’m kind of on board with this transaction. Schreiber, who’s worked hard and seemingly invested big bucks into sending sluggers into the bright lights of the big leagues, should have some success if he can land Chicago Cubs slugger Kris Bryant.

Toronto Blue Jays (leveling the playing field)

With no designated hitter in the American League, teams in the American League will be able to play the expansion of the designated hitter against opponents while playing the National League will be deprived. The Blue Jays will certainly raise their appeal with the highly leveraged zone runs ability of their highest paid player over the years now that they’ll be able to try and squeeze the real magic from Kawasaki, Lawrie and even Encarnacion.

Red Sox (leveling the playing field)

Putting Jacoby Ellsbury into the Red Sox outfield this season as well as rewarding Dustin Pedroia, Yoenis Cespedes and Hanley Ramirez with new deals this off-season will return home values to Boston that appear past depressed value levels. I think the Boston patriots are making a surefire move here.

Nationals (leveling the playing field)

What the Washington Nationals did is out of some perplexing logic. After losing Anthony Rendon for the rest of the season with an injury they were going to have to line up to acquire a similar bat that could play the position for a long time. They had well known names available (if you will) with Pablo Sandoval still struggling through things on the DL. What they did was go out and land Tanner Roark for Manny Machado, who they never will be able to replace. A questionable decision to have the Nationals keep any negotiations with Quintana private until after the blockbuster signings was certainly intentional. However, the team wanted to make sure there was a “fair shake” for a player like Trevor Story and all the other contract battles that DC has. They let the Baltimore Orioles lose Story and then immediately approved free agent signings for Ryan Zimmerman and Danny Espinosa. Nolan Arenado will be the first name mentioned in “similar” to Rendon, when it is revealed whether or not he remains with DC.

Nats player acquisitions (leveling the playing field)

Padres’s trade speculation

The fact that the Padres were able to give up Blake Swihart and four prospects and allow the Red Sox to pay the lion’s share of the $95 million owed to Andrew Benintendi for a very similar starting pitcher in Edwin Jackson is very surprising. While no player is entitled to a value the Red Sox are not servicing, the development of Mike Moustakas and the free agent recruitment of Bruce Maxwell seem to support the players’ willingness to move to a contender if they are able to walk away without any penalties. I think there is some smart business being done here behind the scenes by top brass in Oakland and San Diego and that both teams are “selling” as hard as they can to get under the $197 million luxury tax threshold. I think many teams will be seriously considered should a sizeable player group become available with that $100 million price tag and obviously this is all new territory for both parties but I think the chips are moving in the right direction.

With that said, I think it’s pretty amazing that there hasn’t been a talk about the eventual possibility of a three way trade between the Red Sox, Padres and Giants and while Mike Moustakas continues to roll, it would be a great day for San Diego fans. So, with all of that said I’m genuinely excited about prospects moving on to the Padres and losing Jacoby Ellsbury to the Nationals in a year many thought would be his last in the majors. However, the question now is can any team really become big league big time with not having a top of the line player anymore.

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