Alhambra Dance Theatre artistic director steps down amid CNN EIC investigation

The Alhambra Dance Theatre’s creative director Nick Lazzarini has stepped down from his role on the company’s spring tour. The reason is a result of the November 2018 CNN EIC Investigation into the company.

“Alhambra’s executive committee is deeply troubled and troubled by the allegations of sexual harassment and personal abuse made against Nick Lazzarini, and we take such claims extremely seriously,” the Alhambra Dance Theatre said in a statement. “We have unanimously decided that Nick’s departure from the Alhambra tour and his resignation from the Alhambra board of directors are necessary for our company to protect the very fragile nature of our artistic integrity. We believe it is our ethical obligation to submit to the review of a professional ethics committee and its recommendations. We will not be making further comment concerning the Nick Lazzarini matter until we have completed this process.”

The resignation, effective on Thursday, comes as the Alhambra Dance Theatre finds itself in the midst of scrutiny regarding Lazzarini’s practices and conduct. The company has been criticized for its handling of allegations against Lazzarini and its response to them. CNN’s investigation uncovered sexual harassment, financial misconduct and inappropriate relationship accusations against Lazzarini.

Three women — including two dancers — accused Lazzarini of harassment.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of Lazzarini’s departure, Alhambra Dance Theatre said “It should be clear to our audience that the conduct of one individual cannot detract from the robust artistic and cultural scene the Alhambra represents. Moving forward, the Alhambra Board of Directors has put in place clear procedures and protocols for the management of all our company’s operations including board meetings and decisions on artistic matters.”

The Alhambra Dance Theatre, whose members hail from seven countries around the world, is one of the most prestigious dance companies in the region. Lazzarini joined the organization in 2015 and helped lead it from a financial train wreck to one of the top dance companies in the US.

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